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Ayeta Anne Wangusa

Wangusa  Ayeta Anne: A Development Practitioner and Advocate for the role of culture in Development Policies.
Birthdate: September 9, 1971
Place of birth: Kampala
Languages spoken: English, Lumasaba and Luganda
Writing language: English
Education: BA. (Literature & Sociology), 1990-93, and M.A. (Literature), Makerere University.
Employment: Book Editor, Fountain Publishers Ltd., 1996, and presently sub editor, The New Vision newspaper, Kampala.
Bibliography: Memoirs of a Mother (novel), Kampala: Femrite, 1998. Ayeta has had her poetry anthologised in Dhana (the literary journal of Makerere University), Echoes Across the Valley
(Nairobi: EAE1 2000) and Uganda Poetry Anthology  2000 Kampala: Fountain, 2000. Her short story "A Sacrifice for Mayi" appeared in A Woman's Voice Femrite, 1998. She is working on a second novel
Comment: "I love to listen to people, sip in their gestures and attitudes on life to create my fictitious world," says Ayeta who adds she is without fixed style. Ayeta says she chooses her style depending on what "I think best suits what I want to communicate" Her major concern is relationships because "human nature is hinged on them". After all we begin relating from the time we are born to when we die. In her writing, Ayeta magnifiesthe broken codes that are responsible for the chaos around us - broken maternal bonds, distorted cultural values, and fate. The way gender shapes people's behaviour fascinates her Initially influenced by African literature, especially Chinua Achebe's use of rich proverbial language, Ayeta is now into African-American women writers like Alice Walker whose description of the lives of women is "spot on".


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