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Jane Kaberuka

  • Jane Kaberuka
Writer, Lecturer
Column : Literature

Kaberuka Jane

Birthdate: 1956
 Place of birth: Bunyoro, Western Uganda

Languages spoken:  Kinyarwanda, Runyoro, Rutoro, Rukiga, Ruyankore, English and some Kiswahili

WritingLanguage: English mainly and a bit of Kinyarwanda
Education:  Kyebambe Girls Secondary School('O' level) Gayaza High School ('A' level) and makerere University from where she was awarded a B.S.c in 1979. Kaberuka was later to read for B.Ed at La Trobe University, Australia, but her master programme at the University of England was cut short by a horrible accident in 1987.
Employment: Kaberuka held a number of teaching positions at various institutions before joining the inspectorate of Government where she now works as principal inspector officer

Bibliography:  Has God forgotten me? Nairobi: Uzima press, 1990. It's Natural Darling. Nairobi: EAEP, 1991. Silent patience. Kampala: ferrite, 1999.

Comment:"I write to educate, to give hope to those who suffer and to make sense of the social injustice that I observe on a daily basis," says kaberuka. Indeed it's natural Darling educates girls on the responsibilities of womanhood while Has God forgotten me? Is largely her personal testimony of pain and triumph after that horrific car accident of 1987. And silent patience is a denunciation of social injustice.

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