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Kwesigabo Alex (Flex D’Paper)

Flex D'Paper 

Alex Kwesigabo aka Flex D'Paper, was born and raised in Kampala,Uganda. Flex D'Paper began his music journey at an earlier age of 14 years.
Because he always had love for music, he listened to different genres of music where he found his voice and passion for Hip Hop especially. His friends in school became a great influence in his musical career as they shared different albums and songs with him.
Flex's musical influences were such as Biggie, Nas and JayZ.
Together they formed a music group, THE RAPAHOLIX that saw them record songs do school tours together.
The group included Dasper Cosine with whom Flex did the hit single "Burning" feat. Tracy in 2011.
The song made it to the number one spot on all major radio and TV stations in East Africa.
Later the same year, Flex released another track, "Party Life" feat Big Tril and Daisy from Tusker Project Fame.
The song made it to all major countdowns as well, and later a remix to the song was released featuring some of the top rappers in Uganda, (The Mith from Klear Kut, Don Mc, Bigtril, Dasper Cosine and SP)
The next year in 2012, he met up with multiple award winner Allan Toniks, one of the top RnB artist in Uganda, and produced the smash single "Follow Me" a song that, made it to many countdowns in Africa.
He joined him on country tours and many shows across the region.
He soon began to push his independent label Rapaholix.
Together with his crew (Flex D'Paper, Dasper Cosine and Apass) as a force they started recording new songs to compile a mix tape to be released on 25th December 2012.
Some of the songs like "Shutting Down Towns" by Flex featuring Martha Smallz of "Airport Taxi", made it to all top countdowns on radio and TV. 
The compilation was released and contributed to the Hip Hop scene of Uganda and East Africa as well, because of the different sound he was delivering, thanks to his producer Aethan.
They quickly become a prominent feature at a lot of events on the entertainment industry's social calendar.
In 2013, he released another single "More" featuring Kemishan.
This dancehall meets Hip Hop style video and song, made it to all major countdowns as well.
It's in the same year he was listed by most media houses among top rappers in the country and his tracks voted on year-end top songs.
For most of 2013 he didn't release a lot of music since he was completing his degree in Information Technology at Makerere Univerty.
After school, in 2014, Flex was releasing songs and working on his craft as a brand.
He created a Rapaholix clothing line that spread quickly to all fans and fellow artists.
It's currently one of the top independent fashion houses in the country.
The same year he was picked among the top rappers to be on the official Uganda cypher that included people like Keko, Navio, GNL , The Mith among others. 
This made it to different media platforms across Africa.

Flex is a dynamic artist who is Blessed with song writing of different genres and styles, rapping as well as video directing. He has worked with some of the industry's heavy weights in various capacities, namely Allan Toniks, Keko, Navio the Mith, Enygma, GNL Zamba amongst others. 

- 2011 Released "Burning" feat. Dasper Cosine and Tracy
- 2011 "Party life" feat. Daisy and Big Tril
- 2012 "Follow Me" featuring Allan Toniks
- 2012 "Eviction Notice" mix tape featuring entire Rapaholix crew
- 2013 "More" featuring Kemishan
-2014 "Leader" featuring Sheila Way
_2014 "Addicted" featuring Kemishan and Bigtril

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