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P’ Chong Cliff Lubwa

P'Chong, Cliff Lubwa

Birthtdate: 20th August 1946 

Date of Death: February 1997

Place of Birth: Gulu, Northern Uganda

Education: Sir Samuel Baker School, Gulu, National Teachers College, Kyambogo, Makerere University.

Employment: Thaught at: St Charles Lwanga, Koboko, in North -Western Uganda, Kitgum High School, Sengera Girls School and Isbaria High School while in exile in Kenya.

Bibliography: Words of my Groaning (collection of poems)Kampala-Nairobi-Dar es Salaam: EALB, 1976.

Comment: P'Chong wrote many plays which were acted in Uganda and outside but were never published. Some of these are The Last Safari, Generosity kills, Kinsmen and Kinswomen, The madman, Reject of my Country, Do not uproot the Pumpkin.

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