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Shakirah Kibirige

  • Shakirah Kibirige
Fashion designer, Costume, Make-up artist
Column : Theater, Fashion, Arts and crafts

SHAKIRA is an accomplished beautician by profession, but centered most of her professional abilities and focus in the performing arts with over 5 years experience. She currently does make up, which includes hair dressing and special effects for film and stage.
Shakira also does costume and props both for film and stage productions. She has been a costumer and make up artist for high profile productions such as "Jamaa", " The Painter" and the popular Uganda TV soap, The ''Hostel". She also did costuming for Silent Voices production in 2012. She has worked for the companies like, Afri-Talent, Bakayimbira Dramactors during their theatrical productions.


  • Arterial network
  • Guerrilla Arts
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  • Bayimba
  • Uganda Women Writers Association
  • Arts 256
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