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2014 Bayimba international Festival of the Arts- Uganda National Theatre

Genre : Festival | Kampala

From friday 19 to sunday 21 september 2014

Contact details : Bayimba Cultural Foundation
Tel. : Mobile: +256 713 548 784
Column : Music, Fine arts, Dance

Bayimba Cultural Foundation organizes a range of events with a view to uplift arts and culture, especially visual and performing arts, in Uganda and East Africa. In 2010, it introduced a series of one-day Bayimba Regional Festivals of the Arts that are organized annually in towns across Uganda. They provide a platform for artistic talents from the regions in Uganda while aiming at enhancing access to artistic and cultural expressions countrywide, thereby supporting the development of the local arts scene. In 2013, four towns hosted these exciting multidisciplinary Bayimba Regional Festivals: Gulu 5th.April.2014, Jinja 10th.May.2014,Fortportal  7th.june.2014 ,  Mbale  on the 5th.july. then the Bayimba international Festival Of The Arts  to be held at the National Theatre on the 19th-21st /sept.2014.

Information / Venue

Time: 12 Noon to Midnight\

Entrance: 2,000UGX

( 00 00:00:00/00/0000 )
Uganda National Cultural Centre Plot 2, 4 & 6 De-Winton Road

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