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Genre : Performance | Kampala

From monday 15 to tuesday 16 june 2015

Contact details : The FourSum
Tel. : +256754920937
Column : Music, Theater, Dance

The play is about contrasts; old versus young and culture versus change. It is the story of Sidi, the village belle, and her dramatic 'relationship' with Lakunle, the school teacher. Lakunle is courting Sidi, but refuses to pay the bride price because he views this cultural norm, as well as many other traditional practices of the village, as barbaric. This young suitor is contrasted with Baroka, the Lion. He too courts Sidi, but he maintains the traditions of the village and views progress as something that promotes sameness, or a lack of difference. While Sidi views Lakunle as a bit of a nuisance, she sees Baroka as a challenge. When Sadiku, Baroka's head wife, reveals that Sidi's refusal of Baroka's marriage proposal has broken him, Sidi decides to taunt Baroka, and revel in his defeat, with her knowledge. She returns from this venture defeated, however. The lion had beaten the jewel. Lakunle offers to marry Sidi, despite her lack of virginity, but Sidi refuses and joyfully goes off to marry Baroka, the lion.

Information / Venue

Venue: National Theatre 
Time: 9am-Morning Show,2pm-Afternoon Show.
Ticket: 5000Ugx

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