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Grace, Milly, Lucy... Child Soldiers

Genre : Biography
Type : Documentary
Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2010
Format : Feature

The inspiring struggle of a former child soldier who has become the international voice of the child victims of war.

Grace Akallo is an unusual symbol of resiliance. Kidnapped by ARS rebels terrorizing northern Uganda, this girl soldier managed, through sheer determination, to escape the spiral of horror. Later, she went to school abroad so that she could talk, from the UN to Washington to countless campuses, about a reality still being lived by thousands of young children. With this inspiring, hopeful film, director Raymonde Provencher adds another chapter to a body of work designed to raise awareness of the fate of war victims, which she began with War Babies, followed by Blue Helmets: Peace and Dishonour.

Raymonde Provencher | 2010 | Acholi, English | s.t. French | 73 min

Director : Raymonde Provencher

Country : Quebec

Year : 2010

Language : Acholi, English

Subtitles : French

Duration : 73 min

Picture : François Beauchemin

Editor : Denis Boisvert, Marina Popova

Sound : Claude Langlois

Production : ONF, Macumba Doc

Madeleine Bélisle

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