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Silent Army (The)

Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2008
Format : Feature

Life as a restaurant owner in an eastern African country is not easy for the 40 year old, African born and bred Eduard Zuiderwijk after the sudden death of his wife. He now stands for the task of raising his 9-year-old son Thomas all by himself.
The young Thomas seeks and gains support from his friend Abu, son of Mafillu, one of the female black staff members in the restaurant. One day Abu disappears suddenly together with at least ten other children, after a nightly and violent raid of his village by the rebel army. Abu's father and many other villagers were killed and the missing children are nowhere to be found.
Young Thomas cannot be consoled. He wants Abu back, and Eduard, who feels he is failing as a father, decides to try to find Abu and save him from the hands of the rebel leader.
While Eduard proceeds to an IDP camp in the middle of the conflict-infested area to gather information about the possible whereabouts of Abu and the other abducted children, Abu himself is undergoing harsh child soldier training in the rebel army of Michel Obeke. No means, either physical or psychological, are being withheld in order to transform the children into ruthless killers.
Against the advice and will of the aid workers that Eduard meets, he persists in his plight towards finding and saving his son's friend, and after a dangerous and irresponsible search through the jungle he manages to reach Michel Obeke's camp. Obeke demonstrates to Eduard that all of the children in his camp are there of their own free will, and that neither Abu nor any other child wants to leave the rebel army and go with Eduard. When Eduard is an unintentional witness to a secret weapon delivery his troubles become even more immense. The arms dealers as well as Michel Obeke want to rid themselves of this inconvenient spy. Eduard now not only needs to save Abu but also his own life.

* Jean VAN DE VELDE - Director
* Jean VAN DE VELDE - Screenplay
* Theo VAN DE SANDE - Cinematography
* Wilbert VAN DORP - Set Designer
* Peter.R ADAM - Film Editor
* Peter WARNIER - Sound


* Andrew KINTU
* Thekla REUTEN


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3 files

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