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Zebu and the Photo Fish

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Genre : Biography
Type : Documentary
Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2010
Format : Short

Zebu, the fisherman's son is very upset. His father, greatly indebted to a corrupt merchant, pays him back with the fish catches. However Zebu's mother is very ill. Determined to put an end to this injustice, he has found a great idea to try and save both his father and mother.

Ten-year-old Zebu is struggling to look up to his fisherman father as his hero, ever since he stopped bringing fish home. Zebu's father is paying a big debt to a businessman in the village who bailed him from being locked up in jail. Every morning Zebu and his father go fishing but they have to give the fish to Mr Mapesa, the village businessman. To Zebu, ‘photo fish' is what they catch. They see the fish, but they never get to eat it nor do they earn from the sales. One day, Zebu's mother falls ill with malaria and Zebu comes up with a clever trick. The story is an allegory of the poor fishermen for whom fish is a luxury.

Zipporah Nyaruni (Zipy Nyanuri) - Uganda 2011 - 12min

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