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Dynamo Theatre Company creates entertainment for the young people ages 6-12 and 13-18 respectively. These are school going boys and girls in Primary and Secondary school respectively in Uganda. Our entertainment, created for the theatre stage, film, TV and radio reaches and speaks for and to these young people respectively. We aim at creating entertainment that is cheap enough for young people (6-18) to pay for themselves but with the value an adult would be willing to pay more for. From folk tales, original stories, adaptations, literature and educational content, we are the best partner for anyone who has a message for the young people. 
Dynamo has performed syllabus plays for Primary and secondary schools among which are Kintu, King Lear, Aminata and the Government Inspector among others.

Although founded as a profit making company, Dynamo partly relies on corporate sponsorship from companies which also aim to reach out to the young people whom we perform for. We have partnered on many occasions with Pepsi Uganda who has been a great supporter of our activities.

Dynamo produced the play Loud Silence for the White Fathers Missionaries of Africa in Uganda in 2012 at the anniversary celebration of the Anti-slavery Campaign. The same play was performed in Mbarara for Mbarara University of Science and Technology and also Mary Hill High School.

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