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Contact details AKA Art Gallery
Column : Arts and crafts
Published on : 03/12/2014
Source : AKA Gallery


This year special effort to get more people to enjoy art is the ART AUCTION.
AKA gallery is running a silent art bid Auction starting 9th – 19th Dec. 2014. Customers can put a bid on any art piece in the gallery until 19th December. Everybody is welcome to look around in the gallery, and pick an art piece He / She is interested in, put in a bid, leave your contact for follow up.
On 20th December 2014 between 12 noon – 4pm will be the day when clients will come for the final auction and compete for the any remaining art piece in the gallery. The silent bidders will be informed if their bid was accepted beforehand.
But the treat will be the life auction that afternoon.  We hope many people will attend and grab that chance to get an art piece for a very reasonable price, but you might be in for some stiff competition.
So come and have some fun with art on Saturday,  20th of December  2014, from 12 to 4 o'clock

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