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Arts Journalism Workshop in Uganda

Published on : 31/08/2011
Source : Arterial Network August Newsletter
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Bayimba Cultural Foundation of Arts invites you to arts journalism training which will be held during the week prior to the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts that is scheduled for 12th-18th September, 2011.
During the training, participants will be preparing their articles, blogs and TV/radio items using the skills acquired. Articles will be published in the Bayimba Festival Newspaper.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation herewith invites arts journalists and Bloggers from Uganda that:
- Are interested in Arts
- Are willing to commit for the duration of the workshop
- Are eager to learn
- Have published at least 4 articles on the arts
- Have been involved in the production of an Arts program - that aired.
Interested? submit your application by email to Info@bayimba.org.
DEADLINE 1st. Sept
For more info: http://bayimba.org

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