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Genre : Film shoots
Contact details Alliancefrançaise Kampala Afk
Column : Cinema/tv
Published on : 15/08/2014
Source : Alliancefrançaise Kampala Afk

Mark your calendars! 20th September..CAB is on tour and will be performing in Kampala during the 7th Edition of the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts which will run from 19th - 21st September 2014!

CAB is a trio of musicians, taking you from Africa (Blick Bassy) to Brazil (Adriano Tenoriodd) through the Caribbean (Mario Canonge). Relays of sounds and emotions, blenders of styles and moods, alchemists of colors, these three taxi drivers propose you to share the fare!

As they tour Uganda, they give you a chance to participate in the CAB ON TOUR contest! A contest about short documentaries.

The contest is officially open for the registration of candidates.

Filmmakers are invited to register online at:

You will find on this site both French and English versions!

The rules and regulations are very clear... You can use any camera or phone to make your short documentary as long as the resolution is perfect!

Register now! Deadline is on 31st August 2014!

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