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‘The Boda Boda Thieves' Collects More Accolades and Funding‏

‘The Boda Boda Thieves' Collects More Accolades and Funding
by BFC/A

The Boda Boda Thieves, a film project by producers James Tayler and Wanjiku Sarah Muhoho with director Donald Mugisha, has turned heads at the Berlin International Film Festival's Talent Campus.

The film project, which will go into production in the coming months, won the Highlight Pitch Award at the festival's Talent Project Market. Additionally, the film received special mention for the International Relations ARTE Prize for excellence in script writing.


[1] ‘Boda boda,' meaning motorbike, is a derivation from the English ‘border to border,' when bicycles, and later, motorbikes, were used to transport people across the no man's land of the Kenya-Uganda border.

Read more at [http://blackfilmcenterarchive.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/the-boda-boda-thieves-collects-more-accolades-and-funding/]

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