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Emmmanuel NKURANGA (Emmanuel NKURANGA)

Emmanuel Nkuranga was born in 1987 in Mityana, Uganda, the son of Rwandan former exiles. He moved to Rwanda in 1997 and is part of an upcoming promising generation of contemporary Rwandan artists .
He is a self-taught painter and can be best described as a mixed-media expressionist. He approaches art in a dynamic and explorative way by engaging daily in painting experiments - creatively exploring his ideas, techniques and a variety of materials.
Emmanuel actively contributes to the mission "to use art to change lives". Examples of this include a program he started in 2010 called "Art with a Mission" that focuses on supporting orphans. Emmanuel provides art supplies and art lessons and markets the art works created by orphans. He also runs an art therapy program for local cardiac patients.
He has participated in numerous local, international, group and solo exhibitions; including in the UK, the USA, Germany, and Sweden.
Nkuranga co-founded the Inema Art Center with his brother and fellow painter, Innocent Nkurunziza.

In 2010, Nkuranga founded Art with a Mission, which unlocks orphans hidden artistic talent. Pieces are sold proceeds supporting orphans livelihood and school fees.

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