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Geoffrey Oryema

  • Geoffrey Oryema
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Singer, Musician, Song writer/composer
Column : Music, Theater, Cinema/tv

Geoffrey Oryema left Uganda 30 years ago, and has ever since been living in Paris, FRANCE, his country of citizenship. He was one of the pioneers of "Theatre Limited", the first Academy of Dramatic Arts, and professional Theatre troupe of its' Kind, in East and Central Africa, in the seventies. This school produced some of Ugandas' best actors / artists / musicians, under the the direction of the famous playwright / actor, the late Robert Sserumaga.

Guest lecturers attached to the school, included David Rubadiri, Father Okello (Music, Dance & Drama Dept. of Makerere University), and foreign lecturers who visited the school periodically, for Workshop / Lecture sessions. Ugandan Traditional Music Masters (Evaristo Muyinda, Pantaleo Apire, etc..), full time members of the famous, and national dance troupe, "The Heart Beat Of Africa",
Were also part of the program, established by the Academy.

Geoffrey Oryema spent 5 years in this school, specialising in "Konstantin Stanislavskys'" (Famous Russian Poet & Playwright), and Grotoskys' methods of acting, where controled improvisation played a key role.

The school was financed by foreign, and local funds; the first troupe went into residency in autumn 1971, at the National Theatre, which quickly became its functioning base, and under a separate agreement, used Makerere University facilities
For its' theoretical work.

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