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Lillian Mbabazi

  • Lillian Mbabazi
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Theatre director, Actor, University lecturer
Column : Theater, Literature, Fashion

Lillian Mbabazi is  an accomplished actor, director and researcher. She is currently a
Teaching Assistant in Drama at Makerere University's Performing Arts and Film (PAF), where she teaches theatre history, Dramatic literature, acting, and applications of theatre. She is interested in theatre with and for youths/young people, exploring their capabilities for communication, advocacy, education and empowerment. She has participated in a range of community theatre initiatives, in areas such as sanitation, health and economic empowerment. She has  also worked as a trainer of trainers for the Schools' Music Dance and Drama Festivals, and adjudicated at several theatre festivals. She is also interested in dramatic composition and production.
She is a Ford Foundation International Fellow. She went to the University of Leeds to pursue a Master's degree in Theatre and Global Development with a bias in theatre for young people.
She has conducted research on The Involvement of Persons with Disabilities in Theatre activities in Kampala district. She conducted a research on evaluating how theatreis applied in educational settings in Uganda. Lillian has coordinated a Youth Theatre Project of Makerere University- PAF and supported by the Danish Embassy in Uganda.

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