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Nansubuga Robinah

  • Nansubuga Robinah
Artistic director, Curator, Project manager
Column : Fine arts, Photo, Arts and crafts

Nansubuga is a curator and a project manager (32° East). Her curatorial interests lie in locality, accessibility and engagement. She took part in the Bayimba / 32° East Curators Workshop, resulting in an exhibition: "The Know Go Zone".  She further went on to co-curate "Dance in the City" at the National Theatre and as part of Dance Transmissions Festival.  Nansubuga has been involved with Fas-Fas Gallery, Kampala and the Laba! Street Art Festival (Goethe-Zentrum UGCS).  She travelled to South Africa in 2012 to take part in the Independent Curators International workshop (Bag Factory, Johannesburg). Most recently Robinah was one of the co-curators of KLA ART 014, Kampala Contemporary Art Festival.

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