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Oscar Mukisa Kibuuka

I am a Ugandan born citizen of the world, an unconventional self-taught photographer and artist living and working in Kampala, Uganda. My work has a native influence from the youth and hiphop culture, people, social motivational causes and diverse forms of expression. Coming from a well expressive drawing family, my heart belongs to the community and social work, I chose to use photography as a tool to spread the message and share joy but also to develop a profession, artistic-expression and self-discovery. I evolved the motto "give a smile to the world" which I wish to portray and share through my work.
Working on a life long project documenting the Uganda "youth and hiphop culture" with the main focus on the bboying/breaking/breakdance element.
. Uganda Press Photo Award 2014, 2nd place, Daily Life.
. Uganda Press Photo Award 2013, Honorable Mention, Story.
. Washington Post
. Taz Die tageszeitung
. MO* magazine
. Start Journal
. African Music Festival Network
. The East African
. Typical Ugandan
Solo Exhibitions:
. Break-Fast Jam, Sharing Youth Centre, Kampala. Nov 2014
. YAEP! Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar PE, Wohlen, Zürich. Jun 2014
Duo Exhibitions:
. 'Woman in Resistance' with Pierre Yves, National Museum of Uganda. Sep 2014
. 'Hiphop Culture Uganda' with Joel Sames, Farbklex, Liestal. Jun 2014
Group Exhibitions:
. Visionary Africa – Art at Work, Kampala. Sep 2012
. Mr. and Ms. Afrika, Copenhagen. June 2013
. Break Through Festival, Zürich. Sep 2013
. One Moment World, Estonia. Jan 2014

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