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wasswa Donald (WASWAD)

wasswa Donald (WASWAD)
Artistic director, Sculptor / carver, Designer
Column : Fine arts, History/society, Design

 WASWAD  also known as Wasswa Donald Augustine is a Ugandan-Kampala based contemporary and a  multidisciplinary artist who trained from Kyambogo University.
A proprietor of Artpunch Studio and currently working with  3 artists  from different backgrounds/ experiences. He  believes that each art discipline greatly contributes to the other and so collaborating/ working  with other artists is enough inspiration to create.
His styles/ approach keep changing from human figures ,architectural ,cars, portraites drawings to the recent dreamscapes.
Waswad`s Whimsical paintings and dreamscapes are largely inspired by Design,Nature,music,and fantasy giving birth to a new language he speaks. He also experiments with various materials to express himself through  blending semi-abstract and realism styles ,where he  looks  for the hidden beauty that lies in the incorporation of materials  when creating sculptures and installations.
`I create a contrast between the actual world we live in and the future world/dreamland where I wish everyone to be, I call this ELEPHANIA and language spoken is ELEPHANISH.

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